Andrew Lorenzen-Strait
Andrew Lorenzen-Strait

Andrew Lorenzen-Strait | Consultant | Davidsonville, MD

Andrew Lorenzen-Strait epitomizes an unwavering commitment to service, integrity, and servant leadership, which continue to define his role as a consultant in Davidsonville, Maryland. His enduring legacy is one of compassion, resilience, and an ingrained dedication to enhancing the well-being of others, rendering him a timeless source of inspiration.

Throughout his impactful career, Andrew's unwavering integrity and diligence have left an indelible mark across various sectors. From child welfare to family law, government service, and expertise in migration management, he has skillfully integrated his academic rigor, robust leadership capabilities, and innate talent for fostering unity among diverse stakeholder groups.

Professional Expertise

Over the past two decades, Strait has excelled in diverse leadership roles spanning government and nonprofit spheres. His meticulous management of multi-billion-dollar migration and emergency response projects is a testament to his analytical prowess and ability to make swift, resolute decisions in challenging situations.

Andrew's proficiency is fortified by a comprehensive educational foundation, including a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Irvine and a Juris Doctorate focusing on Child Advocacy from Whittier Law School. He has pursued further academic accomplishments post-JD, including studies at the National Defense University and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown.

His fusion of intellectual rigor, moral execution, and adept relationship-building underscores his resilience, earning him respect as a bridge between governmental entities and stakeholders.

Career Milestones

In 2020, Strait's impressive credentials led to his advisory role on the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team. Holding bar privileges in Maryland and the U.S. Supreme Court, he has made significant contributions to government and nonprofit sectors, particularly homeland security, health, and human services.

His journey includes transitioning from the legal field in Los Angeles to becoming a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) during the Bush-Cheney Administration in 2003. He proudly served within the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the U.S. Department of Justice, focusing on international programs. He also completed a U.S. Senate fellowship under Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Andrew Lorenzen-Strait's impactful work in these arenas adds a rich humanitarian perspective to his legal acumen as he continues to employ his skills to enhance lives in Maryland and beyond. He radiates optimism through his service, consistently leveraging his experiences to innovate solutions for complex social service and public policy challenges across governmental, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Community Involvement

A genuine service and community engagement advocate, Andrew's contributions extend beyond his professional realm. In Maryland, he has zealously served as a legal aid attorney in Prince George's County and as a Maryland Court-Appointed Special Advocate for non-verbal and LGBTQ youth. These endeavors were pro bono while he continued his federal government work.

Strait's dedication was acknowledged with the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award for Maryland in 2007, having dedicated numerous hours to providing legal services for children, the elderly, and the marginalized. He also extends mentorship as a Sponsor for Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy and serves as an Election Judge for the State of Maryland, showcasing his unwavering commitment to integrity and fairness.

Beyond his professional pursuits, his passion for history is evident. Serving as a historical tour guide at Arlington House in Arlington National Cemetery, he reflects a profound connection to history nurtured by his father, the former head of a Southern California police department.

Hobbies and Voluntary Work

In moments away from influencing policies or shaping future leaders, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait invests time in hobbies and charitable efforts, all driven by his affinity for child welfare, service, and history. His heartfelt service as a Volunteer Park Ranger at the National Park Service's Arlington Cemetery and House, Robert E. Lee Memorial, and his role as a Child Mentor at the Northern Virginia Aids Ministry underscore his commitment to community service.

His passion for history was reignited during his 1998 internship in the Office of the First Lady, inspiring his role as a Historical Tour guide – a vivid reflection of his fondness for people and history. Additionally, he takes pride in being a board member of Courageous Hearts Adoptions in Greenville, Indiana, the agency through which he adopted his own three young children.

Lorenzen, a lawyer authorized to work in Maryland and California, belongs to the United States Supreme Court Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. His dedication was acknowledged in 2007 when he was named Maryland Pro Bono Attorney of the Year for offering more than 2,000 hours of legal assistance in family law.